Karanzine #6

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The sixth edition of Karanzine offers a more dystopian and darker existence. What are memories, actual events or dreams that are fleeting. The reader gets an insight into alternative realities through three different expressions.

Contributors: Einar Stabenfeldt, Winther, Tord Ketilson Øverland and Marie Payan

The zine is risograph printed by Oonda Studio

Karanzine (kɒrənziːne) is a anti-digital and visual magazine in zine format. Each zine is curated and made by hand by Julie Lauritzen. The zine is based on the current quarantine life in Norway and comments, without rules, through text, photos and other artistic expressions in collaboration with various contributors in the art field.

Karanzine is only available in physical format as long as the restrictions imposed by the government are active and operate on a non-profit basis.

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