After five years operating as a bicycle workshop, bar and café, we transformed the Seilduksgata space into consisting of the beloved bar you all know so well and added in Oslovelo Bodega.

In the Bodega you will find a wide selection of  
    Curated and hand-picked vintage clothing
    Art, photography and homeware
    Vinyl from local and international labels
    Magazines and books

    Have a question? Send an email to contact@oslovelo.no or stop by the next time you are in the neighbourhood!

    Invoicing details:
    Send invoice to osloveloas@ebilag.com as a pdf-attachment or as EHF on
    orgnr 914126851.

    NOTE DJS: Mark the invoice with the date of your performance

    Company details:
    Oslovelo A/S
    Seilduksgata 23a,
    0553 Oslo
    Orgnr: NO 914126851 MVA

    NOTE: The bicycle workshop has moved across the park to Paulus' Plass 3. Check out www.oslovelo.no or phone 23 23 05 53.