In addition to the beloved bar at Seilduksgata we also have our very own shop, Oslovelo Bodega!

In the Bodega you will find a wide selection of  
    Curated and hand-picked vintage clothing
    Art, photography and homeware
    Vinyl from local and international labels
    Magazines and books

    Have a question? Send an email to contact@oslovelo.no or stop by the next time you are in the neighbourhood!

    Invoicing details:
    Send invoice to osloveloas@ebilag.com as a pdf-attachment or as EHF on
    orgnr 914126851.

    NOTE DJS: Mark the invoice with the date of your performance

    Company details:
    Oslovelo A/S
    Seilduksgata 23a,
    0553 Oslo
    Orgnr: NO 914126851 MVA