HMD003 VA 5 år med HMD - HMD Records (Vinyl)

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Perfectly pressed 12" record covered in a A3 risoprint zine.

"Jan Mayan immortalises five years of Hjemme Med Dama with a compilation that floats through the serene pastures of club music with tracks from some HMD favorites and same new arrivals to the catalogue. With a mood solidified in slow energy and downbeat, the EP strikes a particular chord with the times and the theme of the young Oslo label.

“Why it is a downbeat selection is more or less random,” says Jan Mayan head of HMD, but after receiving Slangejente’s “Svart Slitesterk Teip Rundt Hjernen,” a compilation EP took shape, with Helene Rickhard, Florian Kupfer, Kim Dürbeck, Fredfades, Imaginary_FRND, Sagittarii Acid and Wasserfall contributing to the release.

“Svart Slitesterk Teip Rundt Hjernen” is a sweet melancholic affair with kick drums jutting out in great peaks through an opaque cloud of visceral melodies and airy harmonics. A tumultuous dreamscape, it sets the tone of a record that could go from room 2 to touching the sky where Sagittarii Acid’s flinty synthetics and squawking 303s rain down on hasty kicks drums counting four to the floor. An all-encompassing record with everything from Liquid Drum n Bass to Trance contained in wax, it represents the extensive range of HMD and Jan Mayan’s proclivities.

A concept that grew out of bedroom mixtape and into one of Oslo’s most dedicated platforms for original music, Hjemme Med Dama has gathered an impressive list of contributors to its ranks, stretching from Oslo to Finland and Germany, solidifying the concept on this disc, while also looking towards the future.

From Helen Rickard’s new-age plucks to Wasserfall’s ambience as deconstructed soundscape, HMD 5 drifts through deep ravines between musical paradigms; lost in an introspective sonic landscape amid sweet contemplative melodies and lethargic progressions.

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