Giovani Klassisk Ramme


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Giovani has been thoroughly inspected by our mechanics at Oslovelo so that it delivers the same unique bicycle feel as it gave in 1976. If you are looking for a stylish vintage bicycle frame, this "Martelly" model is a good choice.

Be aware that vintage frames may have some natural wear and tear, but not something that affects the property or quality. All frames have been thoroughly checked for damage to the construction.

Approved to participate in Eroica events.

  • Frame: 59cm
  • Tubing: Double butted Reynolds 531 steel
  • Year: 1976
  • Seat tube: 26.7mm
  • Bottom bracket: Italian
  • Headset: 1 "
  • Condition: Used

You will be forgiven for assuming that Giovani is Italian, but in fact these frames were built by Belgian Martens, an incredibly important frame builder dating back to the 1930s.

It started with Arthur Maertens, an excellent rider from before World War I who later changed his name to Arthur Martens. He started by building frames out of his bicycle shop, shortly after World War II his son Eddy "Martelly" Martens took over.

From then until the 80's, Martens built thousands of frames for different teams, and many pro riders. The list is both comprehensive and substantial, including big names like Coppi, Cornelo & Concorde, and only those that begin with C.

Many frames were built "secretly" for large brands, where raw frames were delivered directly to painters to be painted as layer frames, which happened to the Flandria team in the 80's. This is just one of the stories we know about, so who knows what Martens has been responsible for. In the 80's Eddy Martens took over the business and the name was changed to Martelly, and the business is still strong today, quality steel frames are still built by hand from Columbus & Dedacciai pipes.

Frames were made by Martelly, but delivered to Destoop of Gent, exactly the same process that happened to Coppi in the early 80's before the Ghent business was closed.

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