Kristoffer Eikrem & Bendik Baksaas - 8 Duets (Vinyl)

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Due to many requests from our listeners we decided to pick the duo's 40 most precious minutes of music from the project and press a limited run of 300 copies on vinyl.
The duo behind the double album “Duets”, consisting of musicians Bendik Baksaas & Kristoffer Eikrem, is a minimalistic and cinematic ambient experience with emotion, creatively conducted by simple melodies and sounds. Duets’ emotional nerve has some emphasis on the traditional ambient form of music, but at the same time has more of an imaginary and comprehensive take on structure, form and melodies with organic elements spontaneously scattered throughout the music. These organic elements can be heard through the trumpet’s lyrical sounds, field recordings from various parts of the world (recorded by Baksaas) and percussion loops. Baksaas & Eikrem are interested in maintaining the same playfulness and communication often found in jazz bands.

Baksaas & Eikrem had already worked together several years prior in 2015, when Baksaas worked with the jazz band Mopti, which Eikrem was already a member of. Their musical collaboration however developed after one concert, where the band Mopti decided that the two of them should perform a duo piece. Both were positively surprised by the result (takes from the concert can be heard on the track “This is nothing personal”) and decided to continue their collaboration together aside from Mopti.

Apart from some musical and field recordings, the the album was recorded in Baksaas’ studio, improvised over various ideas. Bendik Baksaas has mixed the album and it is mastered by Christian Obermayer at Strype Audio.
released June 16, 2018

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