MOSE soy and beeswax pillar candle - italian vineyard

MOSE soy and beeswax pillar candle - italian vineyard

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Large: 315 grams of pure soy and beeswax 10 cm high, 6 cm wide

Small: 115 g, 7.5 cm high, 5 cm wide

Due to the handmade nature of this collection and the delivery process, you have to allow a minus imperfection (sometimes). Since it is a handmade product, it is not always possible to achieve the exact same color, as shown in the picture! Made with glitter on top. Beeswax has good properties: - has a higher melting point, therefore it burns longer - beeswax light emits light similar to the light spectrum of sunlight - they emit negative ions that bind to particles in the air, therefore it has air-purifying properties - Negative ions also stimulate the pituitary gland, and therefore increase creativity, intuition and dream activity - unscented beeswax candles are a great alternative for people with allergies, asthma, sinuses and hypersensitivity

  • Burningtime: L:70hrs; S:25h
  • Made in Norway

Hey there! I'm Mesi, the owner of Shelights. My interest for candles started with the simple fact, that my father is a beekeeper, and we had endless amount of beeswax lying at our basement. December of 2020, was the year, that was full of uncertainties, so I thought: why not to try to sell some candles for Christmas. It went quite well, so it really inspired me to embark on this journey. Currently, I'm using pure soy and beeswax for my candles, as well as premium quality fragrances and essential oils. The environment is really important for me, so I try to always reuse any packaging I receive, and when I purchase, I strive to buy only biodegradable materials. I hope you like my products!

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