Motorbike on Beach - Framed by King Of Frames

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Walking Løkken Framed by King Of Frames
  • 2019
  • Size Including Frame: 43.3cm x 51cm
  • 1/1 Oslovelo Edition

Almost all my shots from this summer were totally damage because my changing bag was leaking light. Fortunately I was able to save a few. The ones from Walking Løkken made it with only some light damage.

I walked the beach of Løkken, Denmark with only six negatives left in my bag thinking I wanted to make something. First I met Lara on her motorcycle. Then a charming lady that didn't tell me her name.

Since my teacher always told me that "sense of place" is important, I did a few of those.

Further down I saw strobes flashing behind the bonkers. There was Malika. She was having her first glam shoot so I asked if I could take a picture. At the moment it felt like I saved her from the old greasy photographer who was at least 20 years older than her.

The last one is the iconic white small beach houses Løkken is known for.

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