Spis Sammen

Spis Sammen

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One of the things that pleases Julie (@juliesmatblogg) the most is to gather people she loves around the table, with some good things on the plate and in the glass. Spis Sammen is for all these moments, from spontaneous breakfast visits to long evenings with the gang or family. Where guests enjoy their food and you can keep a resting pulse.

This book is filled to the brim with simple recipes, techniques and advice, which will make you a better home cook and a confident and laidback host. All the recipes are centered around good ingredients and are based on vegetables, beans, fish and some meat, which is suitable whether you want to make something quickly on a weekday or want to gather good friends around the table for a party.

The book contains:

  • About 100 recipes
  • 14 menu suggestions for week occasions, from dinner with in-laws and game night, to breakfast visits and 17 May
  • Top wine tips from one of the country's most popular wine accounts on Instagram, Fyllechatten
  • Tips and tricks to invite friends to dinner without stress
  • Julie's best advice for becoming a better and more intuitive home cook
  • Guide to where to buy good ingredients around the country
  • Spotify playlists for different occasions

Through Julie's food blog, Julie Ilona Balas has shared engaging and inspiring content for more than 10 years. This is her third cookbook.

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